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Experience peace of mind.


Are you an IT Professional (Engineering or Sales)?


Take a look at our Mission and Vision statements, you may find some things that sound different.   We take them seriously.

A few things you should know about us:

-  We’re focused on building a world class team, not on grinding out every dollar of profit at the expense of everything else.

-  Your quality of life is important to us.  You’ll work hard and our expectations are high, but you’ll also have flexibility and support.

-  We believe leadership is more than just ordering people around. (check our blog)

- We realize that having a a professional, motivated, and expert team is the key to our success.  No matter what your level, your peers here will improve your game.  We’ll expect you to bring new skills and talents to us also.

-  We believe training is an investment, not an expense.  Our training program including seminars, classes, CBTs, a lab with demo equipment, and vendor provided events.

-  Our team members get experience in a wide variety of the latest and hottest products on the market.

Sound interesting?  Contact us.  If we have any openings, you’ll see them on this page.  If you don’t see any openings, you are welcome to check in anyway if you would like to be considered for the next opportunity.  As a fast growing company, we keep a deep “bench” of  talent that we refer to prior to posting an open position.


Senior Systems Engineer (Opening Date July 8th, 2014)