Carolinas IT serves customers across many vertical sectors in both public and private organizations. We understand that every industry and organization can be faced with unique IT challenges. Our expertise enables us to help clients navigate the requirements of their industry to find a solution that meets their needs. We will partner with you to design, implement, and support a solution that meets your specific requirements.

We are very familiar and experienced with regulatory compliance issues such as those related to HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, 21 CFR Part 11, and support those with our commitment to process and procedure improvements (ISO 20000).

Areas of Regulated Expertise


In the financial services industry, IT systems process data that can result in millions of dollars lost in a matter of seconds. Security requirements to verify identity, ensure non-repudiation, and document transactions are stringent. Financial institutions are subject to a host of regulatory compliance requirements. Carolinas IT has assisted customers operate their information systems in a way compliant with Sarbanes-Oxley 404 and/or SEC OCIE Cyber Security Initiative. Network designs must incorporate plans to maximize availability, throughput, capacity and scalability in a manner that is absolutely secure. Our sales and engineering staff are experienced in working with both large and small firms in the financial services sector and can help your team with a networking system and support that fits your unique requirements.


From local municipalities and counties to state agencies and even the largest of US Government networks, our staff has extensive experience working in the government sector. As a Veteran Owned Business, we understand the complexity and unique requirements of government networking. As a prime contract holder on the Seaport E contract, we have already completed the screening process to provide services for organizations within the DoD. We have assisted customers with DoD, FDA, and CDC requirements to create and maintain NIST Security Plans, meet FISMA and ISO 9001 requirements. We have the knowledge and experience to quickly engage on these type of challenges for you and your organization. We’ve also worked closely with both public and private school systems and universities, providing networks that facilitate both the business side of the organization as well as student support.


With 18 years of experience providing support to the legal field, our staff is very well prepared to work with your firm to provide you the best in networking products and support. We understand the importance and operation of time and billing systems, as well as the security and confidentiality requirements unique to your sector.

Life Sciences

Many of our clients report that prior to working with Carolinas IT, they had constant tension with vendors who didn’t understand the FDA requirements for GxP and 21 CFR Part 11. Having successfully passed Part 11-related vendor audits, Carolinas IT is committed to offering our Life Sciences customers peace of mind by maintaining a compliant QMS (ISO 9001) that integrates nicely with the controls and quality systems of our present and future Life Sciences customers. We work with many firms in the life sciences sector to provide them with support services that allow them to focus on their core business, while we make sure their network functions securely and at the highest level of performance.


Healthcare providers face a number of unique challenges. When the lives and welfare of patients depend on critical systems functioning properly, “mission critical” takes on a whole new meaning. From best of breed Electronic Health Records solutions to assistance with conversion of patient data and training for your staff, our experienced Healthcare team can enable your practice to provide the very best in care.

Our goal is to optimize your IT resources to provide consistent, reliable service, so you can focus on patient care. We take care of your IT network, so you don’t have to.

Increasing Federal compliance and security requirements are putting pressure on healthcare providers and business owners just to stay within new regulations. Carolinas IT can help keep your network operations compliant and up and running without worry. Our experienced staff provides peace of mind with 24×7 monitoring of your network. Our cloud computing solution takes all the worry and hassle off of your staff so they can do what they do best…take care of your patients.

Keeping your confidential patient records safe is a critical component to your success. Carolinas IT understands the importance of securing this data. Can your practice survive a potential natural disaster or major equipment failure? Carolinas IT offers Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions that can help protect your valuable patient files. Our off-site replication, data backup and recovery solutions protects your data from a potential disaster.

Our Healthcare Partners

Carolinas IT has joined forces with cutting-edge Healthcare technology product and service providers in order to better provide integrated IT solutions.

CureMD is the leading provider of innovative health information systems and services that transform the administrative and clinical operations of healthcare organizations. With over 100,000+ users nationwide, CureMD simplifies decision making, streamlines operations, and ensures compliance with industry standards and best practices; ultimately saving time and effort to maximize value and returns.

CureMD’s all-in one practice management, electronic health records, claims submission and patient portal has been rated #1 by KLAS for “Ease of Use” and “Customer Satisfaction.”

Carolinas IT has the experienced staff to design and implement your EHR. Our Raleigh-based help desk provides convenient, efficient and effective support for your staff.

Meraki’s HIPAA-compliant cloud networking solutions are ideal for small to medium sized medical practices. From performing site surveys, to system design and deployment, count on Carolinas IT to be your wireless solution expert.

SpectraLink’s wireless handheld voice solutions help keep your nurses, providers and support staff in constant communication so that critical information can be received in real time. SpectraLink’s wireless handsets can help eliminate overhead paging and create a more peaceful and efficient environment. Whether it’s VoIP or DECT, Carolinas IT can support the wireless handset environment that best fits your needs.

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