Data Center and Virtualization

Have you been…

…feeling the stress of a network that has grown from a few servers to a few dozen or  hundred servers?

… thinking of adding more storage space to accomodate data that has outgrown the capacity and performance of your current storage system?

Are you ready…

…to leverage virtualization of both servers and/or desktops to lower costs, improve performance, and ease network management?

…to unleash the next generation performance, reliability, and scalability of a  Unified Fabric  network?

Carolinas IT is experienced with high end data center architecture, including Nexus, VMotion, UCS and Storage Area Networking  products.  We can assist you with the design and implementatio of a virtualization solution that will optimize your current network, and allow for easy scalability in the future.

We Offer

  • Design and Analysis
  • Core Switching
  • Virtual Switching
  • Private Cloud design/support
  • Server/Application Virtualization
  • Storage Area Networking
  • High Availability architecture
  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Disaster Recovery