Unified Communications

Have you…

…been thinking about a new phone system? 

…heard how many businesses are now using SIP trunking to reduce costs and and improve performance of phone systems?

Would it…

…be nice to be able to collapse both your voice and your data network into a single, centrally managed network?

…be convenient to have all of your voicemails are forwarded to your email for easy listening and storage?

With Unified Communications, you can leverageVoice over IP to have calls automatically find you (if you want to be found) at the office, home, or wherever you are – always maintaining the appearance that you are available to your clients.  You can make a call using a mouse click, and quickly see who is available to take a call, who is out off the office, and who would rather chat.  Employees can easily make a call from their computer while travelling, avoiding all fees and tolls, freeing up resources that could be used on something else.

We Offer

  • Converged voice and data networking design and support
  • Unified voice and messaging
  • Mobile IP softphones
  • Online collaboration
  • At a glance extension status
  • Single number reach
  • Find me, follow me
  • Phone systems for small business to enterprise