Conferences and Tradeshows

NCLGISA Spring Symposium
May 23-25, Wilmington, NC

CAHEC Partners Conference
June 5-6, Greensboro, NC

NCHICA AMC Security and Privacy Conference
June 11-12, Chapel Hill, NC

NCCCS IIPS Summer Conference
July 16-18, Durham, NC

Data Connectors Cybersecurity Conference
July 26, Raleigh, NC

Public Health Informatics Conference
August 20-August 23, Atlanta, GA

NCPHA Fall Conference
September 19-21, Charlotte, NC

Fall 2018 Professional Development Day – Catholic Schools
September 28, Raleigh, NC

UNC Cause
October 1-3, Greenville, NC

NC Medical Society LEAD Conference
October 18-19, Raleigh, NC