What Our Clients Say

Have you heard what they’re saying about us?

At Carolinas IT, our mission is to provide our clients with peace of mind by exceeding their expectations in every interaction in order to earn their trust and become a valued and appreciated extension of their team. Check back monthly to read the latest comments from our clients.

Last updated: July 1, 2019

“I didn’t think the problem would be fixed for another day due to the weekend but I was very pleased to have this issue resolved in less than 15 minutes.”
– Payton
Pharmaceutical consultant in Durham, NC

“Josh made the process quick and painless. He resolved my issue quickly without interrupting my work. “
– Danielle
Non-profit organization in Durham, NC

“Craig was able to resolve the issue in less time than I had expected.
– Susana
Medical practice in Raleigh, NC

“Round of kudos to the CIT Team (from sales to the engineers) who made this ticket for a computer build successful!! Our request was short notice and the team delivered without a glitch! I enjoy working with each of you. Thank you for everything you do each day.”
– Robin
Clinical research firm in Durham, NC

“Matt was knowledgeable and was quickly able to figure out what was taking up all the space on the computer. I appreciated that he explained what he was doing and was able to answer some peripheral questions regarding the computer as well.”
– Jessica
Engineering consultant in Raleigh, NC

“Mike was calm and reassuring when I was panicking about losing my files.”
Pharmaceutical company in Durham, NC

“Erik did an amazing job of identifying a workaround that used the resources available to get me access the the tools that I needed. He was extremely quick to respond to my questions. Overall, it was an amazing experience.”
– Sarah
Business management consulting firm in Raleigh, NC

“The response time was great. I received a call from Carolinas IT within 5 minutes of me calling with my issue.”
– Kim
Corporate real estate firm in Raleigh, NC

“Matt went above and beyond what was required to get an employee’s new Macbook ready for an out of town trip. Thanks so much for being the great team that you are, and many thanks to Matt!”
– Sharon

Advertising agency in Raleigh, NC

“Michael was lots of fun while we went through a lot of clean up. He explained what he thought the issue was, explained what he was doing, and fixed it.”
– Melissa
Real estate developer in Raleigh, NC

“The team helped us identify the problem with our PBX and determined that Huntress was the right solution to monitor for similar threats in our environment going forward. Thanks everyone!”
– Matt
Financial planner in Durham, NC

“A quick response time and open communication regarding a cloud server that went down helped alleviate downtime concerns.”
– Rick
Architect in Raleigh, NC