New Business Model? Where’s the Vision?

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 I recently read a book on the New York Times Best Sellers list where the author had some interesting ideas on business and life in general.  Like many “success” books, it had elements I found useful, and some ideas worthy of the trash can.  One particularly repugnant piece of business advice was for those who were business owners.  The idea …

A Few More Thoughts On Leadership

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I’ve often been asked a question concerning leadership, and over the years I’ve asked it myself many times.  The question is, “What would you say is the top quality of a good leader?”  At first glance, all the common qualities you would think of come out.  Qualities such as confidence, professionalism, bearing, judgement, integrity, etc.  All outstanding qualities that leaders …

A Few Thoughts on Leadership at Carolinas IT

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We have borrowed a few ideas from the Marine Corps and adapted them to our business environment.  Specific terms to be familiar with are found in our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), but for a complete understanding of the approach, please read.   MCDP1- Warfighting. Leadership should be critically important to everyone in our organization, even the most junior or new member …

Development of Artificial Synapse

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DARPA initiative to create an artificial synapse that mimics brain function by combining memory storage and logic.  When this is fully developed, we’ll see exponential advances in artificial intelligence.  For better or worse, the Singularity is approaching.

Guidance and Leadership Philosophy

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Leadership is the art and science of inspiring people to accomplish a mission in support of specified objectives. The success, strength, viability, and effectiveness of Carolinas IT is first and foremost and dependent on the people who are a part of our team.  Team members are our most important asset, and the goal of effective leadership should be to provide …

Importance of Checking Backups

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Over the years, I’ve run into many situations where we were called into a business to help with a situation where their server had crashed and they needed to restore data, or someone had mistakenly deleted data and they needed it recovered.    We check their system and there hasn’t been a backup in months or even years.  When we ask …

Windows 8 Info

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Windows 8 Consumer Preview is now available! I like the look of the Metro UI, will be interesting to see how much of a dent it puts into the iPad market.  Windows 8 Server beta also available:

Symantec’s pcAnywhere No Longer Secure

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Symantec is advising customers to deactivate remote desktop software, pcAnywhere, after hackers from the group Anonymous allegedly stole the software source code. In addition to pcAnywhere, Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition, Norton Internet Security, Norton Utilities, and Norton GoBack were also compromised in the incident.  While the actual theft took place in 2006, Symantec is now alerting customers of potential security risks after a hacker associated with …

Watchguard Predicts Top IT Security Threats of 2012

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For the past 15 years, Watchguard has released a list of the 10 major areas of concern surrounding network and information security.  While 2011 proved to be a memorable year with worrisome security breaches and advanced malware, Watchguard is predicting that 2012 will be unforgettable as well. Topping the list of threats are security concerns surrounding major cloud providers.  While increasingly …