The Buzz About Bitcoin

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Bitcoin has emerged as a powerful technology that has quickly become the most popular online currency. You’ve probably heard that term and wondered why it’s trending and maybe even wondered what it is. Bitcoin is changing the way companies do business and it’s quickly becoming the currency of the future. What is bitcoin? Bitcoin is digital currency that was invented …

Developing Your Private Cloud Computing Strategy

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We’re very excited to partner with Lenovo for the latest upgrades to our private hosted cloud computing offering. As a leading provider of Hosted Private Cloud Services, we’ve been refining and expanding our private cloud computing architecture since version 1.0 back in 2011.   The goal has always been to provide our clients with a high performance, secure, reliable, scalable platform for …

The dirty secret about cloud computing

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A stealthy threat is sapping the life out of the productivity gains that technology offers.  Not only is it killing productivity, it is directly causing frustration, security breaches, HIPAA violations, and is draining precious funds.  The threat is poorly designed cloud architecture.   Often driven by end user demands, IT architectures that formerly were centralized, secured, and well managed are now suffering …

Avoiding a “Zero Day” Attack

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Over the past few months, we have seen an increasing threat to networks we support.  The problem is that the new viruses are changing so fast that the Anti-virus providers can’t keep up with them.  The pattern we are seeing is that code is embedded into an existing virus that causes it to change (mutate) into a new version that …

Development of Artificial Synapse

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DARPA initiative to create an artificial synapse that mimics brain function by combining memory storage and logic.  When this is fully developed, we’ll see exponential advances in artificial intelligence.  For better or worse, the Singularity is approaching.