The Top 3 Compliance Myths

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There are a lot of misconceptions about compliance. It’s easy to think you’re compliant by checking off a few items on a list, but the truth is that an effective compliance program requires time and effort. Here are the top three myths about compliance.

Know The Rules on BlackboardMyth: My business is compliant, therefore, it’s secure.

Compliance does not equal security. It’s more than checking boxes off a list of requirements; it’s an ongoing initiative your business should practice to protect your data and your network. A layered defense is the best approach for your security program, as it will protect you in more ways than one. Once you’ve completed a full audit, it is recommended you schedule periodic scans to ensure your network is still secure and your business is still compliant.

Myth: Using a free scan tool means I’ve fulfilled my compliance requirements.

There are many websites that offer a free scan tool to determine if you’re compliant. Completing a survey just to pass the requirements and not actually taking steps to address the requirements does not make you compliant. Work with a vendor that employs a structured Information Technology Audit Framework, which ISACA Certified Information System Auditors (CISAs) follow when conducting audits. The structured framework includes defined objectives, a validation process, outcomes, and corrective actions.

Myth: I informed my customers or patients about a breach of information, so I have fixed the problem.

Recovering from a data breach is not an overnight process. In addition to the thousands of dollars you’ll spend rectifying the breach and protecting your remaining information, you’re likely to lose the trust of your patients or customers who were part of your breach. This is the most expensive loss you’ll experience as the damage may be irreversible. Work with credit monitoring agencies, identity repair services, or identity theft insurance agencies to help your customers or patients recover from the breach. It may be an expensive recovery method, but it will go a long way in helping to recover the trust of your customers or patients.

Compliance requirements may seem overwhelming at first, but the benefits of a robust compliance program are an investment in the future of your organization. For more information about Audit and Compliance solutions, contact us today.

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