Carolinas IT is bringing enterprise-level security to every organization.

Building a strong defense against cyberattacks requires a multi-layered approach to security. It can be costly and require the use of multiple vendors-until now, that is.

Carolinas IT offers several cost-effective solutions to help you protect your network and minimize your risk for a cyberattack. As an Integrated Service and Security Provider, we work with several partners to deliver full-scale security solutions for organizations of all sizes. You now have peace of mind knowing all your security solutions are delivered by one vendor.

Every malware or ransomware attack we’ve responded to has involved a user clicking on a phishing link. Security Training is the best way to educate your employees about the dangers of phishing attacks as well as your security policies and procedures.

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Security Training

Do you know what the biggest threat to your environment is? It’s not outside hackers or even the result of loss or stolen equipment. Surprisingly, it’s your employees. In fact, over 40% of breaches occur from the inside. Securing your systems and users is vital. To secure your users, you have to educate them by raising awareness about the vulnerabilities that exist and the threat environment.

Carolinas IT conducts security training to organizations of all sizes. Training includes:

  • The basics of security – passwords, USB drives, file sharing, and more
  • Phishing training
  • Social engineering attacks
  • How to deal with remote threats

Every employee is critical to security. By conducting periodic training within your organization, you are educating your employees to be vigilant and act in accordance with your security policies and procedures.


Having smart hardware in place helps detect any malicious activity in your network. Hardware ranging from firewalls to access points can serve as a perimeter defense for your network.

Traditional firewalls protect networks from attacks, blocking intruders from unauthorized access. Similar to doors on a house, certain ports can be opened to allow web traffic to enter and exist so your employees can use the web for legitimate work. In addition to legitimate work, they can browse a multitude of sites, like Facebook. Unfortunately, if they click on a Facebook post that links to a virus, that virus can come in through the open port because the standard firewall doesn’t recognize the difference between authorized traffic and a virus.

Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) have intelligence that constantly analyzes the data passing through the network. When something unrecognized is detected, it is blocked and sent to an automated lab for immediate examination. The NGFW is connected to a global network that constantly gathers and shares information between members about new and emerging threats to help each member provide more protection.

Updating your access points will ensure you are monitoring every instance where data enters your network. Air Marshal is Cisco Meraki’s wireless intrusion prevention (WIPS) solution. Integrated into every Cisco Meraki access point and centrally managed from the cloud, Air Marshal detects and neutralizes wireless threats, delivering state-of-the-art protection to the most security conscious distributed networks. Air Marshal offers intuitive and flexible remediation as well.

Security Services

Carolinas IT partners with several organizations to leverage best-in-class tools to deliver the following security solutions:

Breach Detection – Carolinas IT partners with Huntress Labs to deliver a breach detection solution designed to complement your existing strategy. Developed by former NSA cyberwarfare operators, the software finds breaches as they are happening by analyzing the overlooked methods attackers use to penetrate your network. By proactively hunting for threats, it minimizes your risk of downtime and data loss while delivering remediation guidance to destroy malicious footholds as soon as they are created.

SIEM-SOC Monitoring – Carolinas IT partners with InfusionPoints on our SIEM-SOC solution that provides continuous monitoring for cybersecurity threats in your network. The Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution provides a proactive approach to event monitoring with real-time alerts, trend analysis, and threat intelligence. This solution provides incident response along with after hours support and monthly reporting.

Phishing Test Working with KnowBe4, we provide a security awareness and phishing test solution used for social engineering experiments. We can manage the solution for your organization or you can manage it directly. This tool offers baseline testing, a substantial library of online training, and a phishing test platform. The phishing test platform allows you to conduct phishing experiments with your employees.

Privileged Access Management- Powered by Thycotic, this software is a secure password management vault that helps managed your privileged accounts. Privileged Access Management (PAM) not only helps protect against loss of data; it meets compliance mandates as well. PAM is a secure way to monitor all your privileged accounts across your organization.

Anti-Virus – Our cloud-based security application from Trend Micro is designed specifically to protect all of your devices. It allows you to manage the security of all your devices from one web console. This enterprise-grade protection service defends against malware, ransomware, viruses, spyware, targeted attacks, and more.


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