Ask Your MSP – 5 More Questions

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Recently, we provided a list of 5 questions you should ask your Managed Services Provider (MSP). Here are five more questions that your MSP should be able to answer for you.

  1.  Can I see your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)?
    Having a set of detailed, written standards is a distinguishing characteristic of a professional MSP, and sets them apart from the crowd. It should also be very clear how they track changes to their SOP and make sure individuals are trained on the standards.
  2.  Do you have a separate team that handles projects for your clients, or do you pull your Network Operations Center staff away to handle projects?
    Many smaller MSPs don’t staff adequately to handle both the routine daily tasks as well as projects that come up. When projects such as upgrades or new client on-boardings need to be done, they pull techs away from daily support. As a result, service levels and response times suffer.
  3.  Do you have a written Service Level Agreement (SLA)?
    Service Level Agreements are another way that professional MSPs distinguish themselves. Each client should have a written agreement that describes very specifically the expectations of both the MSP and the client, and documents important details such as response times, escalation procedures, coverage hours, regular deliverables, and much more.
  4.  How do you ensure my passwords are secure when you have techs who leave?
    Turnover is a fact of life for MSPs. You want to be sure that they have control over any information that could be used to access your account, including passwords. How do they make sure that once a tech leaves, he can’t access your data or network information? A professional MSP will have policies and mechanisms in place to absolutely guarantee that your network remains secure even as personnel transition.
  5.  Tell me about your escalation procedures and how you make sure tickets don’t “fall through the cracks.”
    Professional MSPs know that execution is the key to success. Defined procedures and a tiered support system to ensure issues are worked to resolution by a tech with an appropriate skill level. “Closed loop” ticketing systems ensure that tickets are addressed promptly and completely, and you receive notification when the ticket is completed. The best MSPs will include a survey when the ticket is closed just to make sure you’re satisfied.

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