Carolinas IT CryptoWatch Detects Ransomware

Jennifer Noto Managed Services Leave a Comment

Carolinas IT has developed and deployed a process for detecting ransomware outbreaks within a client environment, dubbed internally as “Cryptowatch.” Developed and tested by Tom Hughes, Director of Managed Services, and Chris Walters, an Associate Systems Engineer on our cloud team, the process proactively monitors for indications of ransomware activity on a Windows Server. Upon detection, several automatic processes are immediately initiated to protect the network until it can be fully investigated by our Managed Services team.

“I’m very proud of our team for once again leading the way with an innovative solution to keep our clients safe and minimize the threat from these types of devastating virus threats,” said CEO Mark Cavaliero.

For more information on CryptoWatch or how we can help you minimize the risk of a cyber attack, contact us today.

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