Employee Spotlight – Richard Helms

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Richard Helms is our Director of Strategic Initiatives. He has been with Carolinas IT for over 10 years. Richard has a great story for his favorite memory:

“One of the best moments was convincing other senior members of leadership that a young engineer on my team was ready to perform a multisystem migration/upgrade on our largest Managed Service client at the time nearly 9.5 years ago. He was an extremely bright, eager, young engineer that believed in himself. There was no challenge that he could not overcome. If he did not have a skill he went home, read a book over the weekend, and by Wednesday he was asking if he could come in late. I knew I didn’t need to ask him why because he was such a trusted employee that showed so much initiative and leadership. When he would come into the office after being late and he would hand me a certification that he just completed. That first project that I put him on had so many challenges, ones that would stump most senior IT engineers. Not only did he overcome them, but he clearly set the expectations with the client and exceeded them.”

Originally from Marshville, NC, Richard lives in Raleigh with his wife and twin daughters. He is an ECU graduate and enjoys watching football games with his family.

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