Improving Your Security Posture-Privileged Access Management

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Last week we shared the importance of conducting Security Risk Assessments as part of our blog series dedicated to improving your security posture. This week we’re focusing on Privileged Access Management.

What is Privileged Access Management (PAM)? PAM is a secure way to monitor all the privileged accounts across your organization. Ensuring that your users and the accounts on your network are secure and operating in a way that protects you is of paramount importance and involves several elements.

Identify all your administrative accounts and service accounts with elevated privileges.
Know who has access to those accounts and the specific privileges that they have.
Ensure appropriate access levels are assigned based on job function, role, or group.
Eliminate any shared accounts and assign unique user accounts to your administrators.

This process will allow you to track everything your users are doing while also ensuring the people you trust the most are doing the work they should be doing. There are automated tools that will inventory accounts with elevated privileges, randomize the passwords used by those accounts to log into systems at every log-in, and provide logging, which should be reviewed periodically, so you can be sure that users are not acting in malicious or non-secure ways.

Carolinas IT works with Thycotic to manage your privileged accounts in a secure way. Use the free PAM Risk Assessment survey to see how you can improve the security of your privileged accounts. In our next post, we’ll explore the importance of account reconciliation to continue improving the security in your environment.

For more information on Privileged Access Management, contact us today.

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