Improving Your Security Posture – Security Risk Assessments

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Security is often an afterthought for many organizations until they experience a data breach incident. Security should be a primary consideration when conducting an operational review. Security should no longer be a bolt-on service or convenient use of remaining budgetary funds.

Some businesses are unsure of where to begin. In this short series of blogs, we’ll explore some of easiest ways you can improve the security posture of your organization. This week, we’re focusing on Security Risk Assessments (SRAs).

What is a Security Risk Assessment? An SRA identifies the key security controls in your network. The assessment will help you determine what vulnerabilities exist in your environments.

Who conducts the SRA? All assessments should be conducted by licensed or certified auditors. Our team of Certified Information Systems Auditors (CISAs) utilizes an ISACA-based approach to conduct all assessments utilizing industry best practices while following security frameworks such as those provided by NIST and ISO.

What are the steps in a SRA? The first step in performing an effective SRA should always be to obtain an inventory of assets. Assets include any organizational personnel (staff, contractors, and vendors), systems, and information (electronic and physical). It is impossible to assess the protections on and around assets that an organization is not aware of having. Once an accurate depiction of the organization’s assets are obtained, then it is possible to tailor an assessment that will effectively assess the organization’s risks and controls to remediate those risks.

A Security Risk Assessment (SRA) is the most effective way to determine the state of a network, physical security, and control environment. Having professionals who focus on identifying risk and explain how to better safeguard data is a great first step.

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