Making the Move to Window 10

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This post was written by Emily Cianchette of Logically

As Microsoft bids farewell to Windows 7, users have the chance to migrate over to the latest operating system. Though migrations come with challenges, frustration, and obstacles, the risk of using machines that have gone end of life is too great. Transitioning to Windows 10 brings a wide range of benefits and improvements for end users.

Faster Speed

The most apparent benefit in Windows 10 is the improvement in operating speed. If your organization has been using slower operating systems like Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 you will notice an upgrade with the speed of Windows 10. By reducing unnecessary start up procedures, Windows 10 streamlines the overall experience. The result is a refreshingly fast overall user experience.

Increased Usability

Windows 10 also brings significant improvements in functionality and usability. The most noticeable change, is the return of the popular Windows start button, though the Windows start tile isn’t entirely gone. Instead of opening with a tile, Windows 10 now combines the best of both. Windows 10 opens with a start button, but the button expands to a larger tile portal. This gives end users the control and simplicity of a start button along with the live updates and graphic displays of the start tiles. Overall, Windows 10 puts a premium on functionality, bringing a simplicity to the design and user experience.

Device Innovation

Design the Microsoft 365 workspace that fits your unique business needs. Windows 10 runs on a wide range of devices—from Surface products to PCs and tablets to mobile devices and more. With Remote Desktop, all you need is an Internet connection to work with files and apps from virtually anywhere. Cortana, a virtual personal assistant, also boosts productivity by helping you stay on top of tasks and meetings.

Stronger Security

Finally, Windows 10 also keeps up major upgrades in security. Secure Boot requires that any program that begins as the operating system starts up needs to be signed off by both Microsoft and the hardware manufacturer. Security additions with Windows 10 make the Secure Boot feature tamper-proof. Along with Secure Boot, Windows 10 also adds key security features such as Device Guard, Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello.

There are many other advantages to using Windows 10. Speak with one of our experts today to see how your organization can take advantage of all these immediate benefits.

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