The Benefits of Security Training

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As phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks continue to rise, it’s imperative organizations improve their security strategy. Conducting periodic security training is helpful to ensure all users are familiar with current security trends and attack vectors that malicious entities will use. By being aware of these vectors, your network and data will be more secure and less likely to be breached and stolen.

There are many benefits to security training. Here are few to consider:

It’s a cost-effective approach. Security training can be conducted by professionals at a fraction of the cost than remediation from attack. Making a small investment now could possibly save you from losing thousands of dollars, countless hours of downtime, and possibly customers in the long run.  

Knowledge is power. Educating your employees is key to reducing the number of successful social engineering attacks. Conducting a phishing simulation is a great way to show employees exactly what to look for in a suspicious email. Training should be documented and require signatures from every user to ensure they not only were they present but understood and will follow your guidance.

It keeps organizations compliant. Every organization has regulations they must comply with. Security training can help with your compliance initiatives. Whether it’s protecting personal information or maintaining patient privacy, there are specific processes that must be followed to keep your organization compliant and they can be outlined in the training with your employees.

Training should be conducted on a frequent basis to keep staff up-to-date and aware of current threats and tactics. With more training comes greater adoption of your policies, procedures, and best practices when facing today’s threat landscape. Creating awareness in the workforce will continue to enhance security throughout your organization.

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