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Managed Service Providers layer preventative security products to defend their customers. For years, this adequately protected SMBs against most unsophisticated threats. 

Usually when a security software is implemented, there are already security risks existing inside a computer, server, or network that have not been noticed or mitigated. Left unchecked, SMBs risk their productivity, their reputations, and―in extreme cases―their businesses. Huntress is a “breach detection software” that searches a company network and its connecting devices in order to uncover threats that already exist inside the network. Unlike intrusion detection systems and anti-virus software, which work in real time to uncover/block malware as they enter a system, BDS focuses on scanning the network and any attached devices for malware that is already present that might have gone unnoticed for a long time.

Once Huntress locates a threat, it immediately alerts us as to what machine has the threat, what that threat is doing and the potential ramifications should no action be taken. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Lightweight system. Clients will not even notice it is located on the machine unless they look very hard for it.
  • No interference with user-activities unlike most AV software.
  • Installation and uninstallation can be done remotely so long as there is an existing connection without client involvement.
  • Active threat reporting is done through ConnectWise, our CRM system. 

Huntress is a monitoring software, and therefore will remain on a machine. It is not a one-time scan of a network.

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