SIEM-SOC Monitoring

Carolinas IT partners with InfusionPoints on our SIEM-SOC solution to provide continuous monitoring for cybersecurity threats in your network. This solution complies with industry and government regulations and is deployed by our Professional Services team in coordination with our Security, Audit, and Compliance Team.

The Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution provides a proactive approach to event monitoring with real-time alerts, trend analysis, and threat intelligence. A Security Operations Center (SOC) is a specialized group of cybersecurity professionals within a secure facility who monitor and analyze an organization’s security posture and defend their IT environment on an ongoing basis. With this 24x7x365 SIEM-SOC solution, organizations no longer need to focus the bulk of their own time and resources monitoring and reviewing event logs to effectively identify and respond to security incidents.

The benefits and features of SIEM SOC monitoring include:

  • Incident response regarding all cyber threats and attacks
  • After hours support
  • Monthly reporting

Power Hour Breakfast Series – SIEM SOC Monitoring

In 2019, Carolinas IT and Infusion Points presented a Power Hour Breakfast on SIEM SOC Monitoring. Watch the presentation below to learn more about the value of SIEM SOC Monitoring.

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